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Anyone can be a victim of sexual abuse, and the physical and emotional consequences can be severe and long-lasting. There is no denying that there are very few issues that are as heartbreaking and life-destroying as sexual assault.

Beyond the criminal aspects of these types of cases, however, there are other legal avenues to hold the abusers accountable. Similar to other injury claims, there are civil remedies available to recover compensation for the physical and psychological injuries sustained by the victim of sexual assault.

If the assault or abuse occurred at your job, on the property of another individual or business, or under the watchful eye of a church, school, or police department, then liability can extend to the business or institution as well.

You are not alone. We understand what you are going through. We know how vulnerable and confused you feel, and we know that bringing a lawsuit against your abuser or assailant is daunting.

The legal professionals at the Derrick Law Office will protect your identity, find a mental health professional for you to talk to, and empower you to bring those responsible to justice.

You need an attorney you can trust who understands the sensitive nature of these cases, and who knows your rights as a victim under South Carolina law. The Derrick Law Office has represented victims of sexual assault and abuse, and we can help you get justice.

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