Former Officer Destroyed Evidence

After evidence was uncovered that a former officer destroyed evidence in a murder investigation, the daughter of an Upstate woman raped and murdered in a 1984 cold case is suing the City of Simpsonville and the Simpsonville Police Department for damages after vital evidence in the case was mishandled by their employee. The lawsuit, filed by the Law Office of M. Brooks Derrick, LLC, comes just over 2 years after former Simpsonville police officer George Ralph Bobo was sentenced on a misconduct in office charge.

The lawsuit states that Johnson is suing the city and police department for failing to properly train and supervise their employees, failing to institute proper hiring and evaluation procedures for officers and other employees, failure to establish proper procedures that would have led to the discovery of inappropriate handling of evidence by its employees, failure to check compliance with policies, state laws and existing orders, failure properly supervise and terminate Bobo after they had actual notice of his actions, and failure to properly handle evidence.

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