Personal Injury Case Referral Program

Let us worry about the details of your client’s case

We know that it is often necessary to co-counsel or refer a case to another lawyer. Your client’s case may not be in a practice area you are familiar with, you may be licensed in another state, or you may not have the time or resources to take on the case


We will pay referral fees. 

We will pay (in compliance with bar association rules), the applicable co-counsel fees at the conclusion of the case. Our relationships with co-counsel and referring lawyers matter to us.

We will fully fund the case.

We have the ability to fund our cases, and we will not accept a case unless we can fully fund it.

We only take personal injury referral cases.

We know and appreciate the role you play as your client’s lawyer, and we will not interfere with other legal business you have with your client.

You can participate as much as you want.

Some referring lawyers want to participate in every step of the process and others just want to receive a check. That is up to you.

We will put our agreement in writing.

You will know ahead of time what the fee split will be and what to expect throughout the process.

We will evaluate the case quickly.

Once you send us the case for review, we will provide a response within 48 hours.

Contact us today to discuss your potential referral.