Workers' Compensation - Work Injury Lawyer

Were you injured at work? Are you wondering how you are going to provide for yourself and your family. Fortunately, there are laws in place to help ease this burden, but all too often workers are wrongfully denied the benefits they so desperately need. In these unique situations, an experienced workers' compensation lawyer can help unlock the benefits workers are entitled to, and remember, you are entitled to benefits, even if you caused the accident.

The Law Office of M. Brooks Derrick is devoted to protecting the rights of injured workers. If you have been hurt on the job due to a serious accident, do not hesitate to contact our Simpsonville workers' compensation lawyer. 

Recovering the money you are owed

Are you having difficulty getting back to work? Are you facing challenges to cover medical bills? Are you anxious about what comes next? We are here to help. Our Simpsonville lawyer is here to guide you through the process and fight for the money you deserve.  

Contact Our Experienced Simpsonville Lawyer

If you need help receiving the benefits you deserve, we know and understand the difficult process, and we will work diligently to protect you and your family. Contact us at (864) 757-0757 for a free consultation. Our Simpsonville lawyer makes home or hospital visits upon request.