Business Litigation

If your company or organization finds itself in the midst of a business dispute, it is imperative that you have a knowledgeable and experienced business litigation attorney to protect your company and its assets. In addition to our personal injury practice, we represent businesses in contract, partnership, licensing, and trademark disputes. The Law Office of M. Brooks Derrick provides legal representation in business litigation in all courts in South Carolina.

As business opportunities grow in size and complexity, relationships built on trust and respect are more important than ever. At the Law Office of M. Brooks Derrick we seek to establish strong working relationships with our business clients so as to facilitate their continued growth and profitability. We advise clients in all aspects of commercial enterprise, from business formation to capital growth to defense in commercial litigation.

Past clients have valued our hands-on, innovative approach and appreciated our ability to work alongside them to make their business goals happen.


Our clients range from individuals and startup businesses to Fortune 500 companies. We have assisted businesses in almost every sector of the economy — construction, commercial, service, financial, health care, real estate, and banking. Our services include:

  • Business formation and structuring
  • Banking and financial law
  • Commercial real estate matters
  • Business-to-business litigation
  • Litigation arising from fraud or misrepresentation
  • Construction litigation
  • Commercial collections
  • Employment-related matters
  • Professional malpractice

We understand that the costs of litigation go beyond financial consideration. Commercial litigation also represents a significant investment of time, time that could be devoted to the pursuit of other goals. Therefore, our attorneys provide smart representation focused on meeting clients' goals efficiently and cost-effectively.


As a smaller law firm, we have the flexibility to react quickly to situations that may otherwise jeopardize our clients' bottom lines. We draw on the latest innovations in legal technology so clients stay up to date on all developments throughout the process.

We also provide a variety of payment structures designed to fit our clients' goals and budgets. The costs of representation are something we discuss fully, honestly, and upfront. We provide flat fee services, reasonable hourly rates, blended payment structures, and also contingency fees in certain qualifying cases.


It can be frustrating when a business does everything in its power to do the right thing, produce a quality product, maintain positive client and personnel relationships, and fulfill its side of the bargain, only to realize that outstanding invoices are not getting paid.  We understand how outstanding receivables can put a business owner in a difficult position.  Many of our clients do not have the time, expertise or ability to pursue debts that they may be legally entitled to collect.

Our collection services offer a seamless progression from the initial demand letter and telephone contacts through post-judgment recoveries.

Within guidelines established by each client, our services can include:

  • Retail and commercial collection practices and enforcement
  • Establishment of payment plans with debtors
  • Representation of creditor claims in debtor bankruptcy proceedings
  • Commencement of lawsuits to collect unresolved debts

We understand that obtaining a judgment is often just the starting point.  We work with our clients until they are actually paid.


If your company or organization finds itself in the midst of a business dispute, contact our law office at (864) 757-0757.