Criminal Defense

The Law Office of M. Brooks Derrick devotes a good portion of its practice to the field of criminal defense, representing clients in and around South Carolina. Being involved in a criminal matter can be a life-altering experience, with the potential for lengthy incarceration, heavy fines, and other court penalties. Your life can be seriously disrupted, placing you and your family under enormous stress, worry, and hardship. Beyond this, if convicted, you will face the future with a permanent criminal record, which can hamper educational and career opportunities.

Facing all this, you should seek the most effective legal help you can find so that you have the best chance for a favorable outcome. Our office can provide diligent and dedicated legal service, protecting your rights, ensuring that you are treated fairly, and taking every legal measure to help even the playing field throughout the entire criminal process.


To discuss your options and find out more about how we can help you, contact our experienced criminal defense attorney at (864) 757-0757 today. We provide free initial consultations and a variety of payment structures to fit every client’s needs.